Top woods for woodwork

The term ‘solid wood’ is referred wood cut from the trunk of a tree into boards. Most of our furniture is made of these solid woods. Professionals say that the type of the wood you choose will determine the quality of your woodwork: the beauty, the stability, the strength… You can easily find a wide range of wood available on the current market, each of which has a particular property. 
  • Fact

‘Softwoods’ are not ‘softer; than hardwoods, no matter how they are called. Thus, they are certainly not weaker. It’s just a name that people use to classify woods coming from specific types of trees: in this case they are cedar, pine and fir whose wood tend to be yellow or reddish. Because of most coniferous tree‘s feature of growing fast and straight, in most cases, softwoods are less expensive than hardwoods. And as those trees are easily to be found sustainably grown from tree farm (endless supply) which means you do not actually contribute to the global deforestation, most people prefer this type.   
  • Cedar

The western red cedar is the most common type of in the variety. Its name has already implies the first property: a reddish color. On the scale of 1 to 4, this wood is pretty soft. It has straight grains and slightly aromatic smell. Cedar of this type is commonly used to make outdoor projects like decks or patio furniture. Due to their ability to stand moist environment, they are used to build exteriors without rotting, too. Furthermore, Western Red cedar has moderate price, hence, it’s understandable why they are that popular.
  • Fir

If one refers fir, he must be mentioning the Douglas Fir which has straight, pronounced grain with the reddish brown tint. Due to the affordable price, fir is favored in building and furniture-making. The weakness of this type is not having most appealing grain patterns and not easy to remove stain. Therefore, you are recommended to paint when you finished with the work. On the scale from 1 to 4 of hardness and strength, Douglas fir is 4, pretty strong huh?
This wood is worth a try so you can find them at local home center. Probably, you will be tempted to get some pieces and start something with it.
  • Pine

Pine varies a lot in types. It has Ponderosa, White, Yellow and Sugar. All of them are great choice for furniture. In southwest United States and some other places, pine is considered the wood to use, too. Pine is very relatively soft when lending itself for wood sculpture to carve. The maker can shape and stain them with difficulty.
If you want to stain pine easily and well, seal the wood first.  Among the pine family, be careful with Ponderosa pine as they tend to ooze sap. Just the first two wood, most home centers have pine in their stock. However, finding them in a decent lumberyard will give you a higher grade.
  • Redwood

Thanks the ability to resist moisture, redwood is commonly used for outdoor projects just like cedar. Redwood (also known as California redwood) is slightly soft, thus, really easy to work with (2/4 on the scale of 1 to 4). They have a straight grain and a reddish tint. Redwood is at moderate price and available at any home center.

Notice on hardwoods

Unlike what outsiders think about the convenience that softwoods bring to the wood works, most woodworkers tent to prefer working with hardwoods. They really stand out with so many various textures, grain patterns and color that a professional can create fabulous interesting-looking furniture. The biggest disadvantage of hardwood is their price. Some of exotic species price is beyond your imagination and could not be used for anything but an accent. Some others are very hard to find or harvested, some may go eventual extinction (Brazilian rosewood, for example). Not only will harvesting it do harm to the environment but it does cost an arm and a leg for most woodworkers. Therefore, making furniture from such hardwoods is nearly out of question. (unless the woodworkers are paid to make furniture only, not to purchase the wood). Otherwise, you can buy wood from commercial tree farms (sustainable forest with ensured supply of wood). Check the National Hardwood Lumber Association for more information.
Below are the common hardwoods with their characteristics.
  • Ash
Described in the catalog, ash appears to be pale to white brown wood and have a straight grain. On the scale of hardness from 1 to 5, it’s a 4 so you will find it kind of easy and nicely to work and take stain. One problem is that ash is getting rarer so there is no way you can find them the local home center Try some larger lumberyards. If it’s not available, your last option to replace may be white oak.
  • Birch
Birch is divined in to 2 types: yellow and white. While yellow birch has a color of pale yellow-to-white and reddish-brown heartwood, white birch has a more uniform white color that reminds of maple. Both score 4 on a scale 1-5 of hardness. For most woodworkers, birch is an ideal hardwood due to their availability and affordable price in comparison with many other hardwoods. Although many home centers offer them, selection would be better if you look for it at a lumberyard.

Steps to Build Your Own Relax House

Spring break might be over. But the summer holiday is coming right up. It’s quite a long holiday. There are a lot of things that you could do in the holiday. Some people, well mostly kids and teenagers, went to the summer camp, do some part time job, take a course, and probably went traveling somewhere.

As a choice of activity, you could chill in a cabin house, spend some quality time together with your friends or family. Summer is probably not the perfect time to go to a cabin house. But actually, every time is a perfect time to go to a cabin house. That is a perfect place to relax, reconnect, recharge yourself after a tired time.

Having a cabin on your own might be one of your dreams. It means that you didn’t have to go crazy to find someone that is kind enough to lend their cabin house or you don’t have to pay for such a crazy rate to stay in such a beautiful cabin to have some personal time. Although having your own cabin is not easy and of course, it’s not cheap.

cabin house

If you are about to build your own cabin house, there are some steps that you could follow. Also, you need to pay attention to any details on each step.

First, pick a place

Finding the right place for your cabin house is harder than to find a place for your house. There are a lot of advertisements or salesman out there that will gracefully sell a house to you. The categories that a cabin house should fill are a lot more than the usual house. It has to be far from the crowds, a quiet place, but still accessible, and, of course, close to nature.

I know that the further your cabin house is, into the woods, the more you feel more relaxed but it has to still be accessible or you would find a lot of difficulties when you are trying to settle in or when you are trying to bring in all the materials that you need when building it.

Second, make the design and plans

There are a lot of cabin house’s designs out there on the internet. If you are new to this kind of building things, I suggest that you take the simplest one to make everything easier. There are other things to make this easier like buying a kit but it will be more expensive and some people said that it is more dangerous because it does not really settle down.

The planning is a very important step. You really need to think about everything, literally everything. We will start with the material, almost every cabin house use woods. You really have to choose the right type of woods to make it last longer, it could be based on where the cabin house is. So does with the other materials, it really need to plan very well.

Woods is the right materials for a cabin house because it produced less carbon so it could help reduce climate changes, renewable, very strong, durable, easy and fast to build, goes well with nature, and good for your health, physically and mentally

The other important thing is the tools. A good wood router to cut the materials is essential. There are a lot of woodworking router reviews out there that you could read before you choose your wood router. If you didn’t read the wood router review first, you would end up with not being able to cut the woods. The supplies, while you are in the cabin house, is also a thing to consider such as water and power. There are some cabin house that doesn’t have power in it f you really brave to do it, though.

natural Log cabin house

Third, build

If the planning step didn’t go well and probably you forget something, this step would definitely be a mess. You would waste your time and the people’s that are helping or work for you. While building the house, you should also pay attention to the environment surroundings. Don’t let the process of building and the presence of humans in there damage the environment.

Fourth, finishing

Never underestimate this step. Your comfort while being in the cabin could increase by this step. In this step, there are decorating parts, which is quite important. You could use your leftover woods and cut them using the wood router. Decorate it as you like. It’s yours now!

Fifth, enjoy or rent it

There are two ways that you could enjoy this masterpiece of yours. It’s either enjoying it yourself or rent them, or you could do both. This is not only for your enjoyment but it could also be an investment. You could get some good money from renting them as there are a lot of nature seekers right now and as travel become some kind of lifestyle nowadays.

Some materials for painting your house

At the moment, your house is too old, or you just bought a new one, so the first thing you’ll probably want to know is painting your house. However, you do not know how to start, what tools to buy. To get on clear these points, we will show you off some informations about it.
Material paint include essential items during painting the house. Be prepared for the following material carefully in order that your decoration becomes more effective. Below is some tips for you to do that.
  • Paint roller

A paint roller is a tools which is appreciated by almost painter. They usually use it to paint the huge flush surfaces speedily and expeditiously. It combines two laterals: a “roller frame,” and a “roller cover”. The first part imbibes and obliterate the paint to the surface. The second part is attached to the roller cover. The painters takes the roller via the handle section. The roller frame can be renewable.
Many people think using this one is easy? Actually, pretty hard because you have to get familiar with it for the first times. In our opinion, you should read how to use a paint roller instructions carefully to paint easiler
  • Paint sprayer

This is one of materials which is appreciated via paint sprayer reviews. It’s probably good for using when being outdoor. By combining with best paint for outdoor, it will be perfect. Because there are so many nozzle shapes or sizes, you can change the color and design of the paint per your preference. The important factor when you want to choose a nozzle is the shape and the desired paint consistency and the pattern.
When painting,you should remember to wear an appropriate respirator, a normal mask is not enough to protect you. Make sure your area has relevant ventilation.
  • Paintbrush
You can think rollers, sprayers is convenient and fast, but it seems that only the brush is suitable with wood furniture. To reach tight corners or narrow surface, you should use the brushes because of their physical ability
This is the tool which is popular against all people. The only thing that you concern is how to choose the right brushBecause you have the good-quality paint brush which can keep more paint and apply it more evenly, you will save your time and get the results you want. It will be better if you use the paint with oil, latex which is found in many plants.
  • Paint pail

To mix paint and carry it to the worksite, you should use the paint pail. This is an indispensable material when painting the house. The paint pail was designed to make your painting projects a breeze. There are two types of paint pail. The first is the paint pail with hand, the rest one is the paint pail without hand.
At the moment, there is a type which can adjust strap to fit your hand and also attaches to belt for hands-free. Against the one without hand, the cost maybe is cheaper.
  • Wire brush

Before painting something, you can encounter the surface which is smeared with old paint. A wire paint brush is good ideal for deleting that stubborn paint. On the current market, there are some brands own good-qualify wire paint (for example: Purdy). The criss-cross bristles combine with the stainless steel can help it dissipate paint faster
  •  Masking tapes and drop cloths

While painting the house, you will encounter some situations, that’s when the drops of paint strewn over furniture of your family. This greatly affects the aesthetic furniture, even that can damage the functions if they are electronic gadgets. And then,maybe we need masking tapes and drop cloths. Although their use has a little different, we still have the same purpose to use.
Masking tape with the function is to guard window panes and trim against the paint. It quite good for executing the paint lines or some surfaces like that.
Drop cloths with the function is to defend knick-knack, floors, and domestic appliances from paint. It’s quite helpful when you paint the wide and big wall.
  • Paint colors

Finally, it’s surely paint colors. Choosing paint colors for your house can be quite hard because there are so many types and colors. And if you’re the one who always wants the perfection, maybe you will not only choosing the suitable colors, but also that color must coordinate any rooms with another room, inside and outside.
If encountering a flat transposition between spots, before painting the adjacent space two overlay away, lighter or dreary, you should try choosing a color for one room, combine with use tones from the color which is similar with whole wall or whole space needed overlay

Methods about Painting and also Painting Tips

These methods in painting should help one to create lovely fine art. I propose that you exercise on something aside from your final painting. The pad regarding canvas documents perfect for practice place. Sure, you will make blunders and also art you are not happy with. The purpose of this post is to ensure you get tactics upon painting to enable you to make less of these blunders and that you will love all of your paintings! You’ll find when you practice exactly how simple it is to produce photos making use of polymer portray along with a clean.

Strategies for painting trees

Any time painting trees and shrubs along with tree branches, Initially when i first utilize a circular brush to color however start; i quickly utilize a smaller sized remember to brush to provide twigs last but not least a script lining to provide the tiniest branches. A few of the twigs must overlap each other. If you’re introducing simply leaves as well as leaves, never stress within the twigs since most of them is going to be covered up anyways. Be aware that you might be painting the actual “indication” of items within a painting. Then when you are looking for divisions, simply coloring the actual signal of these!
To color pinus radiata bushes, utilize a supporter remember to brush. Begin by having the particular enthusiast brush vertically for you to pat within the trunk in the tree. A good reason that I do this can be so that we have a very good straight point out foundation my own shrub about. After that make use of the smooth facet in the supporter clean in order to sprinkle inside limbs. The actual limbs don’t need to always be even or symmetrical and definately will really seem a fantasy should they be as well best.

Additional techniques on painting mother nature

To paint rocks, start with a solid under-painting. Purples, doldrums, and a few burned up sienna or even brown colours work nicely. Round the clothes in the boulders and the particular bottoms toned. Using a dirty bright colour, coloring around some of the under-painting. Let a few of the darkish show through. You can add merely a little touch regarding fruit or even yellow with regard to shows also.
Painting birds needs simply handful of color with a tiny detail clean then modest, v-shaped physical objects. Since these chickens are often extra because completing detail for the background, the actual wild birds do themselves not need a lot fine detail whatsoever. They can be made utilizing what ever mix of colors complements the image you are painting
Pertaining to dew or rain falls, having a color somewhat lighter compared to the petal or even leaf, color the oval. This really is the middle of your decrease. Which has a colour a bit dark compared to petal or perhaps leaf, coloring a half celestial satellite inside the prime area of the square . 5 celestial satellite underneath the oblong. Using real white-colored include simply a feel associated with high light in addition to your oval. On the declines that are just about to be able to trickle, never color the lower rectangular. Along with natural white-colored, move down a few very small little light regarding.
Any time painting turf, under-paint the location in which you may have the particular lawn inside a dark color regarding environmentally friendly. Load the brush together with the environmentally friendly coloring and make use of upwards comb swings. Make use of your Absolutely no. 12 or even No. Half a dozen bristle comb. Add particular person cutting blades associated with grass in the lighter in weight natural hue (combine green using yellow or white to realize your required color) and make use of the thin remember to brush or even set of scripts remember to brush to color in mower blades regarding lawn using way up strokes.
To include eye shadows: when painting a photo, even though there is absolutely no sunlight or perhaps light manifested from the painting, you’ll want to think about just what path the light would be received from. The materials of the items in your art that might be hit by the light should be brighter, while the aspects of the object inside darkness should be darker.

How to make you feel good with your wall colors

As can be see, paint wall color is hue which is painted to cover outside the surface of one place or one house. For its function, it is considered somehow as a shirt worn by someone. As the clothes can reflect one’s characters, so can the paint colors. Although, it has a huge amount of influence over the feelings and the thoughts of people staying in it, almost all people do not truly spend enough time to consider for it because they might think it is not important as it is really. So do you know how to choose the most suitable and perfect color for your house and rooms? Here I will give you some tips to help you do so:

Firstly, defining the main purpose a room used for and which mood would you like to feel when wandering or staying in it

You should wonder yourself if it is a bedroom where you spend most of the time resting and relaxing in the evening and also the first thing you will see when you open your eyes in the morning and so should it bring you a great feeling of being subtle and gentle? Or is it a living room where you and your family often gather, talk and play with? You may want it to be energetic and calm too.

Then, choosing wisely the most suitable hue for each place

Each color has its own meanings and symbols so you must choose it right. If you do it in the right way, it can help improve feelings such as making the space of room seem bigger or smaller or making you feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter or even generating energy.

So what does each hue mean? These are some ideas which may be useful.
  • Pink creates a mood of happiness, liveliness and femininity. However this one is mainly used for a girl’s room. Your little daughter may be fascinated having such a lovely room like that.
  • Red is considered as the color of enthusiasm, braveness and appetite. Do you ever feel more powerful or enthusiastic when seeing something in red? Have you ever realized that you felt hungry when walking to some restaurant painted in red? So this color might be a perfect choice for your kitchen.
  • Orange is a hot color (between red and yellow) which can stimulate warmth, happiness and also enhances creativity. For these features, it often gets people thinking and talking to each other. So if you like a more active space, this is the one for you.
  • Yellow is the luminous hue that can be linked to amusement and raise intelligence. It often associates with the sunlight or sunflowers so getting this paint color may bring joy and light into a house.
  • Green is the color of plants, leaves and of course nature’s color. It is presented for the birth of life. Therefore, it brings the feeling of liveliness, quietness and balance.
  • Blue express a sense of hope, trust and loyalty. It is the perfect one for people who enjoy the idea of owning a room where they are able to stay calm and think clearly.
  • Purple creates the feeling of being appealing, maybe sexy and calming your nerve but it looks dark so it may create a blue atmosphere. A light purple may be a better one and makes the room look extremely subtle.
These are some only tips and ideas about a few basic colors which may help you improve your house and your emotions of course. I hope you enjoy it.

How to maintain safe at construction site

Are you a safety officer, a construction contractor or just a worker? All of you might not have same job but same concern: Workplace Safety. Those who work on site know about dangers and hazards around them. Construction sites have a lot of activities such as: excavation, dumping, installation, etc. All of them contain risks which might impair people or cause fatality. In general, most people are usually careless about safety at work if they are not trained carefully. They only notice safety until accidents happen. Besides, some employers want to cut down costs to save more money. However, they do not imagine what they have to do after an accident. There is a famous sentence: If you think safety is expensive, try an accident. Once accidents happen, employers have to pay additional costs: compensation, lost, court fee, etc.  Everyone wants to work to earn for living and go home happily. It is important to maintain safe at construction site. This article will give you general ideas to develop a program to ensure workplace safety.

1. Do trainings

Most people could not imagine how accidents, death or incidents affects to a person’s life or construction progress until those things occurs. It is necessary to implement Induction training to generalize new employees about safety regulations on site and the importance of safety at workplace. Besides, people who do specialized jobs such as: crane operators, excavator operators, welders should be given the special training courses about what they are allowed to do their works safely.  Trainings could be conducted monthly and quarterly or weekly based on the needs of the employers. 

2.  Provide enough personal protective equipment (PPE) to all employees

Employees are required to wear PPE on site. Generally, it is mandatory to wear safety shoes, glasses, reflective clothing, helmet, gloves at construction site. Employers must give their workers enough PPE and replace if broken or damaged. Others protective equipment such as: welding helmet, goggles, harness would be provided depending on types of works or work area. For example, if a person wants to go offshore, he has to wear life jacket. Employers are responsible to provide PPE to workers and remind them about wearing on. 

3. Do proper inspection

Before a machine or equipment is authorized to operate, safety officers are responsible to inspect its conditions and check whether it pass the special established requirements. All such kinds of questions should be carefully filled in an inspection checklist then safety officer will give permission to that machine. By doing this, hazards from machine operations could be prevented at the first step. Furthermore, it is critical to implement regular inspections like monthly inspection, quarterly inspection to ensure the performance and safety of that machinery. Who know what a broken equipment cause, isn’t it?

4.  Identify and mark hazards 

Hazards are available on site. Employers should run a campaign or program which involves all employees to be active in identifying and prevent hazards. Safety staffs and supervisors are responsible to find and prevent risks, stop dangerous work if necessary. Additionally, safety signs are effective preventive measurements for risk prevention. Others could report to higher management or call hot line number to inform. Safety is made by contributions of all people. 

5. Do good housekeeping

Good housekeeping is not only cleanliness. It means having no unnecessary items about and keeping all necessary items in their proper places. It is also about removing waste material and other fire hazards from site, paying attention to the layout area, the adequacy of facilities and maintenance, etc. Good housekeeping could eliminate some hazards and get the job done safely and properly. Housekeeping is maintained daily with efforts. Cleaning and organization must be done regularly not only when finish shift. A housekeeping program should be planned and managed to maintain effective housekeeping. 

6. Establish a guide to emergency response

Emergencies are unavoidable at workplace. All workers have to be trained what they need to react in the case of electrical, mechanical, power failures, or injuries. Moreover, it is mandatory to establish an emergency team (ERT) including: firefighting, medical support, information support to response to emergencies cases. They will be in charge of providing in -time services to incidents or accidents on site. 

In conclusion, all above advices should be conducted under relevant safety labor laws of government. It must be sure to follow all recommendations and mandates from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards. By doing those advices, you could control risks at workplace at the minimum level, though it takes time, efforts and money. 

Eco-friendly paints – How to select

When you start doing house construction or renewing your old room, selecting a fresh coat of cheerfully colored paint could enhance the aesthetic quality of your home. There are various kinds of paint on the market which offer you at reasonable price and high quality. But now a concern related to health and environment is arising: which paint is in-toxic and environmental -friendly? When people benefit a better life, they will have more requirements to the products they are using. It is found in many studies that paint could bad effect on the air quality in your home and your family’s health. It is critical to choose the paint which brings clean air to your family and it is actually not too difficult as you think. 

When you become a paint expert, you ought to know about its components and essence. There are three main components which most manufacturers lie in their ingredient list: VOCs, Fungicides and biocides, Pigments. 

Volatile organic compounds are contained in many paints referring to a class of chemicals that evaporate steadily at room temperature. When these VOCs off-gas, a process lasting for weeks depending on the type of paint, which probably cause a variety of health problems such as nausea; dizziness; eyes and respiratory irritation ; heart or lung damage; and even cancer. VOCs not only polluted our indoor air but outdoor air also.  According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), paints, stains, and other architectural coatings is the second-largest source of VOC emissions after automobiles. Oil-based paint contains 40-60% of VOCs while water-based paint includes 5-10% VOCs. Toxic f ungicides are included in paints  to prevent mildew growth, and biocides are used as preservatives to extend the full shelf life. When applying the paint containing those chemicals, toxic biocides could be detected in the five years. Both of them pollute indoor and outdoor air. What about pigment? Some toxic chemicals in paints come from substances added to color them. Cadmium, chromium, mercury, and other heavy metals could be found in many toxic paints. 

How to select 

Ideally, you’ll prefer to use paints that meet all three better health requirements: low VOCs, low biocides, and natural pigments. On the market, you might see some paints labeled “low – VOC” but you should be careful. Actually, those paints might only meet the minimum requirements of Environmental Protection Agency: 250 gr/l of VOCs with “low-VOC” latex paint; no more than 380gm/l with oil-based paints. However, it is easy to find paints with even lower VOCs level (0-100gm/l).  You are advised to check the paint can label or ask the manufacturer about material safety data sheet for more information. 

Depending on you are looking for an exterior paint or interior paint, your requirements would be different.

1. Exterior paints

It is impossible to find exterior paints without fungicides and low-biocide. What you should do? The best answer is selecting the paint which has zinc oxide as the fungicide. Other options are zero- to very low-VOC paints, acrylic or latex paints, and recycled water-based paint. It is suggested to avoid oil-based paints as they contain high VOC percentage.

2.  Interior paints

Milk paint and natural paints are the best choices available. Natural paints are obtained from substances such as: citrus, balsam, minerals. Natural paints are petroleum-free and they are made with natural materials. However, natural paints often have terpenes content which are VOCs derived from plants. Natural paints do not off-gas biocides and fungicides. Milk paint is a great option for interior painting giving lively and deep color to wood furniture. It is made with milk protein and lime.  The second choice is latex paint. It contains very low level of low biocide and VOC. To compare with oil-based paint, the winner is latex paint due to its environment-friendliness. However, it has to be used with great care because of its strong terpenes. Latex, acrylic, and recycled latex paints (if mercury or lead not available) are acceptable in spite of biocide. Oil- and solvent-based paints are not encouraged to use. 

In general, keep in mind that your room is well-ventilated then you will have fresh and nice painting cover. Besides, do not use old paints because they might contain lead. According to some researches, lead -based paints are extremely toxic. Finding a good paint is not difficult; you just take time and search. There are various sources of information to find the “green” paints such as: Internet, friends, supply stores,…The final thing is when you suspect   your paint containing lead, you had better ask certified professional to check and remove if needed. 

Tips for the maintenance of wooden furniture

Referring to the wooden utensils, we can mention a multitude of indoor equipment. We can say natural wood material is what brings many benefits for us. The product is highly durable wood. You can see that the products made from wood in the palace in China, or in some old castle in Europe and America. We can’t underestimate the quality of these products.

However, despite the quality of the wood is very good, but you overdo it, or do not know how to preserve the furniture, then this will soon rot, damage and become ugly.

If you use multiple appliances from wood, please note the following 6 tips for you to better maintenance of wooden furniture, durability for indoor furnishings.

1. Cleaning the house regularly

Perhaps you are wondering about the move is mentioned in preserving wood. But they really are related to each other, when you use any of the appliances in the house, with an environment contaminated with dirt and then the slippers will become dirty under.Regular house cleaning by vacuuming, mopping, for the space of the house clean, do not forget to wipe the dust on the furniture. The best way you should have available a soft brush chicken feathers. You just clean through by a soft brush, it is also very helpful for cleaning the house and furniture. You will not need to clean the place thoroughly each one.

If you live in the inner city the best way that you should shut down the window to prevent dust entering dirty utensils. Furthermore, it should be limited sunlight shines directly into the woodwork. Wood is in too wet place, or exposed to sunlight performance makes the curved wooden plate, altering the shape of the wooden utensils, and make sure that you will soon have to replace other wooden utensils.

2. To Use a soft cloth or cotton wool for cleaning furniture

Cotton swabs, towels and a soft bristle brush is the bright choice for furniture manufacturing. The stiffer fabrics can still be used, but not effectively bringing high but also makes you laborious.

Using the software tool for cleaning furniture will keep the surface of the wooden utensils safe. On each wooden utensil is varnished to help more beautiful polished wood surface. But when you use a hard or sharp objects on the surface of palm wood, will make it scratched, and lost the beauty of utensils.

Especially, when you clean the furniture is painted, they will soon suddenly applied when you use the raw materials and work hard to influence the same aesthetic as the protective layer’s lost belongings.

3. Use the cleaning timber solution

You regularly cleaned and polished, but sometimes you also have to collect those stubborn stains. So you need to prepare yourself for the furniture cleaning solution. The solution is pretty much sold on the market. Go to any store any furniture, they can advise you best.

Every month you should use wood cleaners aqueous solution sprayed on the wooden utensils in the house. Before furniture stain signs, take the initiative polishing, cleaning is a way to dislodge the most effective stain. This helps to improve the living environment, and protect your wood dresser always in new condition.

It also helps the house and wooden utensils in the house came clean, and safer, cleaner living space will help people become stronger.

4. Do not use water to clean furniture

Furniture is offering the poor water resistance. When being placed in a wet environment, wood easily and quickly damaged items. Do not wipe the furniture with water by the water resistance of the wood alone is not high. Fear of damaging chemicals that map water use is a method of making false very quickly damaged furniture.

5. Handling the cracks

Where the timber is cracked, you can get loose glue mixing fine sawdust, burn hot-water and then plastered onto gaps. Need to pay attention to the temperature of the room, too high or low are the cause of the cracking wood.

6. Note when buying furniture

When shopping for furniture making furniture in the house, choose the kind of easy to clean, good material for the treatment of chemical stains, its color remains unchanged.

Materials wood for the beautiful house

Wood is not only the choice of many people, but it was also the choice of the interior design consultants for their clients.
Since ancient times, when newly formed, people have to take advantage of the caves, even as the big tree for shelter. When people begin to understand the importance of building houses, the wood material is the first material and indispensable. Wood is a perfect choice for homes and durable concrete. Today, the wood still has a place nothing can be changed, by the unique advantages without any raw materials.
But now, the price is pretty high for the wood but not so that they decline in value, because the wood lot of benefits, not only durable but also beautiful with time therefore willing to pay a limb high cost is also understandable. Wood lovers usually understand it, so they do not regret the high costs that build yourself a house as you want.
The decorations in the house or interior design how does it with wood are not difficult. It is the material gives the user the feeling of natural and most classic. The following article is about benefit of material wood.

1. Using wood that is suitable to Feng – shui

 According to the concept of Feng – shui, wood is belong to Joinery, although there is too little impact on the fate of humans but can neutralize it. Its mission is to reduce massive energy into the house, conditioned them to go everywhere, creating balance.

2. Materials wood is stainless

For other materials such as metal, then the rusty will soon appear over time, making your house becomes old and ugly, the wooden building will completely eliminate the condition. Although the market there are many good anti-rust metal but their cost price is quite expensive. Therefore, wood is still the most perfect choice.

 3. Wood prevent echoes

Really, despite the specialized raw materials for sound insulation efficiency, but it still provides plenty of surprises. It has the ability to stop the echo in the room by absorbing sound waves. That explains why, in the great opera houses of wood still frequently used, we can also see that they still sound great.

 4. Wood is good for health and is the product of nature

Wood is the most natural source material, so it feels natural and environmentally friendly than other materials. In particular, it is good for health, with those who have less ability to breathe, it works to adjust the humidity in the house, brings balance living space. Wood uncharged and is not hazardous conductive sources. Thus can be assured completely when using it, just make sure the wood is not too damp.

 5. Wood is waterproof good

 In addition to non-conductive, wood is capable to be waterproof good. Although there are many types of wood have the ability to absorb moisture well, so depending on the intended use, but there is a suitable choice.

 6. Wood is safe, lightweight, durable and solid

 Speaking of safety, the safety of wood ensure moderate. With its nature is durable, light, strong, wood can be decorated, even curving  to decorate more beautiful, this is the advantage that compared to brick, the brick can’t be done. The house can be repaired a more flexible way without destroying to correct from the beginning.
In addition, the smartest choice for homes located on the main floor is wood there. Wood will not be because of a slight subsidence, even bricks will be dropped immediately.

7. Wood has high aesthetics

 On the market today there are more than 5000 different types of wood, each type is used to effect comes with different widgets. Whether your house is all wood, it just can’t be boring feeling.
 Especially, in the wood we often see a pattern very beautiful and natural. No one ridge is the same but the harmonious combination of a certain body. They create a sense of comfort and a very special attraction.

8. Wood helped us to be friendly to environmentally

 The fact is, wood can absorb and contain carbon. So when you used wood materials in your home that has installed a natural air purification system with no emissions, protect the environment.

9. Wood helped building quickly

Nailing a nail into the wood is easier than you do into the brick or iron plate. Wood is flexible, easy to edit as having errors can also withstand extreme weather while building unfinished. The implementation work is easy and fast, helping shorten time you do not have to worry about the costs incurred.

10. Wood is insulated and energy saving

Compared to steel… the metal material, the wood has very good insulating ability. It was also discovered when heated timber (not more than the combustion temperature), the wood dries and becomes more durable.
Wood’s temperature is low than other materials, it is easily warmed or cooled, flexible to change to suit every type of weather.
A house made of wood will be full the above benefits. You should consider a wooden house in the future.